The Gear

Andy's rig

Andy's bass guitar was a Hagstrom Kent four string.  It originally had a red vinyl "finish" on the body.  The vinyl was removed and Nick painted the artwork which was a huge improvement.  It still plays!  Andy has done some mods including rewinding the pickups and changes to the tone circuit.

His amp was a 1968 silverface Fender Bassman with two 2x12 cabinets.  At some point he traded his tube amp head for a Fender Bassman solid state amp.  This doubled the power (and volume) of his rig.

Ken's Keys

None of us are quite sure what kind of keyboard Ken played.  But it might have been a Hohner and it might have looked like this.

Steve's Rig

Steve's axe was a 1967 Fender Jazzmaster.  This guitar was prized by the alt rock and Grunge bands of the 90's.  Steve was ahead of his time.

Steve's amp was a 1967 blackface Fender Bandmaster.  A vintage Fender tube amp much in demand today.



Nick's kit

Nick's drum set was a Rogers Holiday kit in silver sparkle.  The drums included a 5x14 snare, two 9x13 toms, 14x14 and 16x16 floor toms and two 20x16 bass drums.  His cymbals were all A Zildjian including a 20" ride, 18 inch  crash, and two 14" hi-hats.