Andy Beers 


I’ve been running, running all my days 

No time to rest, you gotta keep with the maze 

Oh this fast pace, is where the world has been lead 

And if you stop, you know you’ll soon be dead 

You gotta keep a running or be trampled and then 

Get back off your knees and start running again 

And if you don’t be sure to notify your nearest of kin 

You keep running, don’t stop running 

We keep a   running and running around 

We keep hearing that same old sound 

Of our heads being smashed on the ground 

To stop all this running you have to think as you move 

And those who keep running will be stuck in the groove 

If you stop moving, and think this will make it right 

You’ll only be stepped on by everything in sight 

You keep running, don’t stop running 

You gotta keep running, yeah yeah yeah yeah